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Concern: City Installed a Truck Loading Zone 

near the corner of Church St and Port Richmond Ave 

This action by the city has created a problem for businesses where their customers are being ticketed for parking within the loading zone, and the zone is taking up much needed parking area.

Activity History

12/7/2020 - Local business owner first contacted us about the problem.

12/17/2020- Surveyed the area documenting all observed conditions and spoke with business owners on the block to 


insure that indeed this loading area poses a problem for everyone.

12/21/2020- Concluded the research as to which city agency is responsible for the placement of this Sign

1/4/2021 - Drafted a petition letter to be signed by all effected businesses and sent letter to businesses for their review.

1/8/2021- Met with the effected business owners and collected needed signatures.

1/11/2021- Emailed our contact at the NYCDOT to investigate this matter and attached a copy of our signed petition

1/11/2021- Received a response about an hour later from our contact at NYCDOT that they have received our petition and will be consulting with the Borough Engineering Division to see what can be done.

1/26/2021- We reached out again to NYCDOT and their office confirmed that they are still looking into this issue. 

2/19/2021- We were informed by our contact at the DOT that they were retiring and since our issue has not yet been resolved, we were introduced to the person who will be taking over from this point forward. We brought her up to speed on what is happening (via email) and hope that we will see some progress soon. 

2/22/2021- We received word from our contact at DOT that the sign will be removed !!!! We will keep this issue opened and follow up until we have visual confirmation ( We will believe it when we see it!) 

2/28/2021- Sign removed

update- 3/15/2021- Even though the No Standing signs were removed we witnessed during one of our community patrols that Traffic officers were about to write a ticket for no standing to a parked vehicle. The officer was confronted and a letter was written to the NYC Traffic enforcement requesting that they update their field officers of the change. no ticket was written!



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