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Concern: Corner of Church St and Port Richmond Ave is the site of a vacant lot which is severely overgrown with weeds and littered with garbage including remnants of needles and other hazardous materials .

9/1/2020 - Contacted by local resident to report conditions which are conducive to rodents.

9/4/2020- Visited site to confirm conditions and document observances.

9/15/2020 - Researched ownership information to find owner is LLC .

10/1/2020 - Visited mailing address of LLC and left a message for the owner of the property voicing our concern.

11/4/2020 -  We visited the location to confirm that nothing has been done to rectify the situation

11/7/2020 - notified the health department to make them aware of the situation.

11/18/2030- site visit was performed to find that the Situation is still not resolved .

11/24/2020- we notified the health department AGAIN to make them aware of the situation AGAIN.

12/11/2020- met with neighbor whom was acquainted with the owner of the property and volunteered to reach out to the owner and see if he would cooperate.

1/6/2021- Finally after repeated follow-up calls the owner decided that it was time and probably a good idea to clean up the lot!


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