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Angel C. Lopez

U.S. Merchant Marine

Born a native Salvadoran in 1894, Angel C. Lopez left El Salvador at the age of 21 to come to the United States.

On the way here he found himself in the midst of the Mexican Revolution and fought in the armies of General Emiliano Zapata and General Pancho Villa.

As the war was coming to a conclusion, he prepared his papers to come to the United States.
He arrived in Laredo, Texas on November 12, 1918. After working in Texas, California, Michigan, and Kentucky, he finally arrived in New York City in 1921. He worked in hotels and theaters and finally worked for a machine shop on Queens Blvd.

When the U.S. became involved in World War II, Angel volunteered for the Navy and the Army but was refused due to his age; he was 47 years old. Subsequently, he volunteered for the Merchant Marine. He was given an “Old Man’s Draft Registration Card.” He entered the Merchant Marine with the understanding that he could not divulge any information as to when his ships were leaving. His family did not hear from him until the war ended. When asked the reason for volunteering he indicated that he owed it to the country that adopted him and had given him so many opportunities.

Angel passed away in November 1970 at Sailors Snug Harbor. Ultimately becoming one of the last Snuggies at the Harbor.

Sponsored by Bernard A. Lopez

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