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Anthony M. Petrizzo

U.S. Army

Anthony M. Petrizzo was born in Port Richmond, Staten Island in early 1949 to proud parents Marie and Michael Petrizzo.

Their pride grew throughout his childhood and young adulthood in both his academics
and deeds. It was not a shock to them when in 1968, Anthony heard the call that many
a young man of his age did at the time and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

His training began in Fort Jackson, South Carolina and continued at Fort Gordon, Georgia for Advanced Infantry Training. Initially, Anthony was an instructor at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey for using and repairing encryption machines that sent secret messages between Vietnam and Washington D.C.

Plans quickly changed and Anthony was whisked off to Special Ops Training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he entered the Special Forces and was unexpectedly sent to Vietnam. He landed in Bien Hoa Air Base in 1969 and was attached to the 5th Green Beret. Anthony’s small but dedicated unit’s job was recon; gathering information during several special covert operations in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The intelligence they collected set the stage for several maneuvers, most notably, Operation Arclight: the B-52 bombings from Guam. Sergeant Petrizzo did two tours in Vietnam and received a Bronze Star, Silver Flying Wings, and two Purple Hearts. In 1972 he was honorably discharged.

Anthony worked hard for over four decades as a truck driver. He owned his own trucking company and later worked for the former Miele Trucking Company and North Jersey Appliance Warehouse as a member of Teamsters Local 560. Anthony worked second and often third jobs as a bouncer and bodyguard to provide a good life for his family.

Anthony is now retired and living in New Jersey. He enjoys a full life traveling, spending time with his family and friends and savors the freedom that he fought so hard to ensure.

Sponsored by the Tierney/Petrizzo Family

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