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Charles J. Nola

U.S. Army
Battle of the Bulge

Charles J Nola, was born March 23, 1923, the eldest son of Charles and Margaret, big brother to James and Ronald, born and raised at 213 Faber Street. He attended Port Richmond High School. He played baseball for many Island clubs, including the Blue Devils team.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 1943 and served with the 8th Armored Division 53rd Engineers Co B, training in Camp Polk, Louisiana. March 1944, he married Eleanor S. Holly (Sis). In November 1944 he was shipped overseas and served with Patton’s 3rd Army in The Battle of the Bulge where he earned a Bronze Star. “Coldest winter of his life” he always said, yet he didn’t speak much of the war and what he experienced or saw!

After coming home, he worked for the family carting business until joining the NYC Dept of Sanitation in 1948. He settled on Seymour Avenue where he resided for 58 years. He and Sis raised three children: Terry, Patrick and Eleanor. He had eight grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren and one great great-grandson.

Charlie worked for the DSNY for 40 years, retiring in 1988. Most of his years were on Brooke Street in New Brighton where he was “in charge” of the mechanical side of the garage. If Charlie couldn’t fix it, it was done! He was cited upon retirement in 1988 by the Department as the first person to serve 40 years with DSNY.

Charlie raised homing pigeons as a hobby for over 40 years. He was a member of many “Racing” clubs on the Island as well as Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. Charlie gave up the pigeons when he retired from civil service and became an avid gardener. He grew many vegetables in his backyard garden and supplied the neighborhood with tomatoes. He also loved to make wooden yard planters and figures.

Charlie and Sis spent winters in sunny Florida for 25 years. North Miami Beach was their home base where they had many friends who also “wintered” at their hotel . Lasting friendships were formed.

Charlie rose to eternal life on March 29, 2005. We are ever so proud that he was part of the “Greatest Generation” and thankful that he made it home to us!

Sponsored by Eleanor DelRosario

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