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George W. Brown Jr.

U.S. Navy
World War II and Korea

George W. Brown Jr. was born December 11, 1926, the only child of George Sr. and Anna Brown. He attended public school in Huguenot and Tottenville High School. He was involved in assorted sports while in school and in the service.

As a young man he had a paper route but he also would hunt and fish with his father to help make ends meet. George built wood models from the age of six from kits, or any scraps of wood he could find. He always had an attraction to aviation. He grew up in a time of innovation in aviation!

At 17, George left high school early and had his father sign him into the service in the Navy. He served in WWII as a tail gunner aboard Navy PBM amphibious aircraft search and rescue. He was called back into
the Navy for the Korean War where he served as an ammunition personnel.

He met my Mother on Kingdom Ave on Staten Island. It was love at first sight! They eloped to Elkton, Maryland. They moved to Port Richmond when their family was expanding and they needed a larger home for their future six children. Before Mary Louise’s passing they were together for 67 years!

George lived and worked in Port Richmond for his entire adult life. He worked various jobs until landing at Procter & Gamble. He was a tool and die machinist for them until retiring. He is the founder of the local business Brownie’s Pro & Sport Hobbies.

He always worked at the shop after coming home from his day job. Mom would run the store during the day. Most family vacations were based around going to some competition, either airplane or car meets. First, in 1971, the shop was at 122 Bennett Street. After a decade or so, the shop outgrew this location and we made the big move to 124 Bennett Street. The shop has been there ever since. George was literally in the shop until about two weeks before his death April 20, 2016.

Sponsored by Brownie’s Pro & Sport Hobbies

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