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James Buonincontri

U.S. Army

My father, James Buonincontri, proudly served in the U.S. Army during World War II for the duration
of the war from 1941-1946. His two brothers, Alex and Carmine, also served at the same time. It was a hardship for the family to have their sons abroad but it was also one of their proudest moments. He was first generation, eager to serve his country after migrating from Naples, Italy. My Dad was also in charge of raising pigeons for the Army as they were used to communicate with soldiers behind enemy lines. His love
extended beyond the war as he had pigeon coops all during his life.

A few years after the war, he married my Mom, who had been writing to him all during the war. I still have their letters which are not only a testament to their love but memorialize the war. My Dad loved to talk about his Army days and was especially proud of his brother, Carmine, who served under General Patton and stormed the beach of Normandy.

I will always remember him for the love he had for his family, his country, and for others. He had a generous laugh, a warm heart, and an extraordinary belief that honesty always pays. My hero, a true patriot, and a solemn reminder of a member of our best generation.

No wonder mom fell in love with you from your first letter. I miss you, love you, and carry you in my heart.

Sponsored by Cara Buonincontri

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