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Louis A. Meaders

U.S. Air Force

Louis Albert Meaders was born in 1947 and educated in the public schools of Staten Island, NY. He was a graduate of Port Richmond High School. He furthered his education at John Jay Community College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

He proudly served in the U.S. Air Force and, upon his honorable discharge, he followed in the footsteps of his five uncles (Alex, Thomas, Joseph, Richard and Robert) by pursuing a career in law enforcement and attending the New York City Police Academy.

Respect for the law, ensuring the sustainability of neighborhoods, and safeguarding the public were what drew him to law enforcement. Throughout his career, he never wavered from those endeavors. He served in the New York City Housing Authority Police Department from 1970 to 1991. After retiring, Mr. Meaders continued his dedication to protect and serve the community through his employment with the Hillsborough County Sheriff Office for fourteen years. He died in February 2018.

Outside of his career, Mr. Meaders had three children that he poured his love and aspirations into. With his guidance, his daughters, Yvette and Latifa, also pursued a life of service in the government and educational sectors. His son, Schamarr, continued the family tradition, becoming third-generation military by joining the Marines. Schamarr retired after twenty years of service. The family military legacy continues with his grandsons, Schamarr Jr. and Brazil, who followed in the Meaders family footsteps by joining the military. While they did not pursue a career in the military, his granddaughter, Keira, contributes to the family’s mission of service and is accomplished in her field as a Mobile Crisis Therapist and his granddaughter, Nia, is furthering her education at Stony Brook University. His remaining grandchildren, Isoken and Osagie, are flourishing in their young lives.

He followed the military tradition; his father, Louis Jr, was a Navy veteran. He is also the nephew of 2022 Banner recipient Robert B. Meaders and this year’s Banner recipient Joseph C. Meaders.

Traveling and photography were among his favorite pursuits. Mr. Meaders’ life mission was centered on service, advocacy, order, and the belief that all communities deserve to live a life free of crime and injustice. He is remembered for his valor, career achievements, warmth, and love for his family, and as the consummate protector.

Sponsored by Yvette Meaders-Cress

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